Proofreading and Editing Legal Documents

legal graphicAre you a successful attorney with a brilliant legal mind?

Can you write briefs, motions and letters in your sleep?

Do you want to do the very best you can for the people who entrust you with their most personal and important legal matters?

If this is an accurate description of how you practice law, congratulations! To your clients, you’re a hero!

The question is, does your writing shine as brightly as you do?

You’re super-busy, and your filing deadlines are often tight. You just don’t have the time to go over your documents with a fine-toothed comb to ensure consistency, check for grammatical and other errors and confirm that addenda are appearing in the correct order and are appropriately referenced.

When we proof and edit your documents, you will:

  • Be confident that the final product you present is polished to perfection
  • Be certain that your meaning is crystal clear
  • Have the assurance that you have not omitted statements that should have been reiterated to clarify multiple subtly different declarations
  • Know that your work will be read for its content and meaning without any accidental distractions
  • Never have judges groan and swear at missing assertions, poor grammar and ambiguity in what you’ve given them to read
  • Stand out for your ability to communicate, as well as for your legal expertise

If you contact us, we can be your secret ingredient for perfect documents.

When we accept a proofing and editing assignment from you, we will:

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your client’s privacy
  • Give you an estimate of your cost up front based on the scope and complexity of the project
  • Read your document and discuss any “big picture” observations before we even start the detailed editing process.
  • Carefully insert edits in redline/strikeout format that will improve the readability of the document without making changes that could impact the legal meaning and intent
  • Use margin notes to draw your attention to ambiguities, non-sequiturs and other items that need your input
  • Provide you with an electronic copy showing all our edits and questions

After you have used our edits to modify your document we can review the document to ensure that all corrections were applied appropriately and no additional errors have crept in during your editing process

Throughout his career as an environmental consultant, Simon worked closely with attorneys. He understands legalese, as well as how a legal document should look.

As an added bonus, Penny will apply her "nit-pic" to ensure that nothing has been missed.

Both Simon and Penny have worked with a clear understanding, and total commitment to, client confidentiality. You and your clients will be treated with the utmost respect for privacy.

Because we want to help you provide even better service to your clients, we will proof your first document at half our regular price.

We want to earn not only your business, but your respect for what we can do for you as our client. In this respect, we are very much alike.  Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs