Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few of your questions

+What can I expect if I work with you?


You can expect to be working with two professionals who have a winning combination of experience, expertise, passion, work ethic and attention to detail. You will be dealing with people who will bring the same degree of professionalism and caring to your clientele as you do; people who stand behind their work, and want you to be 100% satisfied.

+How do you work with my business?


Via Phone, Email, Skype Video Call, and Apple FaceTime.  A conference call can be setup for multiple participants. Of course, if we are in your area we would be more than happy to get together face to face!

+Do you do all the work yourselves?


We do all the writing and editing ourselves, insuring the highest quality results. Depending on your needs we may collaborate with your existing web designer or recommend someone to design a custom website to fit your particular needs.

+I have a tight deadline to meet. Can you start on my project right away?


That would need to be discussed. Depending on our current commitments, and the scope of the work you require, it certainly is a possibility. We are serious about meeting deadlines, and the only thing that would prevent us from doing that would be if it risked jeopardizing the integrity of any current projects to which we are committed. We don't make promises we can't keep, and we don't take on work we can't deliver as promised.

+Why don't you post your rates on your website?


It depends on what you need. Some clients need website resuscitation; some need web pages written or rewritten; some need social media set-up and/or updates on a regular basis; some want a regular e-newsletter and/or blog to keep in closer touch with their clientele; and some want a combination of our services. All of the work we do is customized according to the needs of our clients. We would be happy to discuss our rates with you in terms of what you’re individual requirements might be. We offer a free consultation to identify your needs, however, you are never under any pressure or obligation. Also know that we respect your privacy and information at all times.


+What do your fees include?


Our fees include all of the work that we negotiate in advance, as well as necessary revisions, as long as the scope of the agreed upon services remains the same. We want you to be a raving fan of our work, in the same way that you want your clientele to be raving fans of what you do.

+How do I go about hiring you? Do I sign a contract? Is there a down payment before you start?


Initial contact is best done by email. Once we agree on which services you want, we are happy to use whatever is easiest: phone, email, Apple Facetime, Skype, etc. We prefer to use a contract, but a guaranty of satisfaction is included. The contract documents all of the work required, and an agreement to all the terms. Once this is in place, we ask for a deposit of 50% in advance of commencement of the work.

+We're in two different cities. Can we still work together?


Absolutely! That's the beauty of our "cyber society"; as long as an internet connection is available communications can be maintained regardless of physical location.

+What if I have any other questions?


Please use the form on our contact form and we'll will be glad to provide a specific response.

We are always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. Please remember that you are never under any obligation or pressure when we communicate. Also, we take your privacy very seriously, and will guard your contact information as we do our own.