Simon Lock

I can help you communicate complex concepts in simple terms

Simon portraitI was born and raised in Great Britain and during my High School years I hated English classes, and really had no great desire to write anything other than the bare essentials to complete an assignment. Beyond school assignments I only read thrillers.

I first discovered that I could engage an audience with my writing during a prolonged tour across Canada and deep into Mexico and Guatemala. I was writing very long aerograms back to family describing all the unique experiences during the course of my travels. And on my return I was surprised to learn how many people had read and enjoyed my descriptions of Mayan ruins, native markets and my encounters with the indigenous people in the jungle areas and small villages I visited along the way.

My writing then took a more serious note as I started writing technical documents including a dissertation for my bachelor’s degree followed by a Masters and Doctoral thesis and several peer reviewed articles published in the scientific literature.

Although, at the time, I never thought of myself as a writer, my career over the next 25 years was geared to writing detailed and complex reports that described experimental results or provided an analysis of the potential risk to humans and animals from exposure to a wide variety of chemicals in different environmental media.

In addition to reports to clients and reports for submission to government agencies I did a significant amount of historical research on the state of chemical knowledge over different periods from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century and converted that knowledge into expert reports that were used in complex environmental litigation.

While serving as both a testifying and consulting expert I had frequent contact with attorneys and assisted them, from a technical aspect, in drafting deposition questions and affidavits and reviewing and editing pleadings and other legal documents. I always enjoyed the challenge of this work and I will be available to assist you too with editing legal documents for consistency and grammatical correctness.

I chose to make a break from science and turned my hand to owning and operating an automotive business for over 6 years. Because of my general mechanical skills I soon mastered the intricacies of the operation of automatic transmissions and was able to assist our customers in understanding what was wrong with their vehicle by breaking down complex problems into simple terms.

This ability to take complex concepts and simplify them for the more general population is a strength that I bring to my writing and something that could be of immense benefit to you as you communicate with your clients/customers through your website or via e-newsletters or other direct message formats. These skills could also be transferred to preparing clear and concise instruction manuals for tools and home appliances.

When not engaged in writing I enjoy doing volunteer work through my Rotary Club, sailing, maintaining and doing installations on my boat, and completing various home enhancement projects in my workshop or around the house. Evening time relaxation comprises reading and working on my computer including a new found challenge to create new and profitable websites.