Penny Zibula

Let me help you build better relationships with your clients

Penny portrait
My name is Penny Zibula, and I have been writing and editing since long before I even thought of myself as a writer.

When I was in elementary school, I made an effort to write fiction, but quickly learned that this would never be my calling. By high school, however, I had pen pals, and was writing long, detailed letters describing the mundane activities of my teenage life.

Then when I graduated from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) in Montreal, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Social Science, it became clear to me that a career in public relations would be best suited for my extroverted personality and my love for words and communicating ideas. So I studied and received certification from The Canadian Public Relations Society through McGill University.

The rest, as they say, is history.

My career has taken me from coordinating a public education program at the Montreal YWCA, to producing and hosting a talk show for Public Television in Knoxville, TN, to working as the Public Education Coordinator for the Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta, GA, to my current gig as Staff Writer for The County Compass, a weekly publication out of Pamlico County in NC.

Writing and editing have been an integral part of everything I have done over the past 40 years. My work has included writing newsletters, articles, weekly bulletins, letters, web copy and editing all of the above. Truth is, I grow more in love with this work every day.

Now, I would like to share my love of the written word with you. I am eager to use my years of experience, along with the excellent training I have receive from American Writers & Artist Inc (AWAI) in all aspects of copy writing and web content, to help you build on the relationships that you have with your customers, clients, or patients.

How can I do this for you? By making your web site a “go-to” place for timely information and tips. I can also produce a regular e-newsletter and/or blog that will help you stay in touch.

Other facts about me:

  • I am a voracious reader, and a pretty good cook.
  • Some of my passions include volunteering, dogs, travel, spending time with family and friends and entertaining.
  • I also enjoy sailing, walking and crafting.

What I want to do most, though, is to help you reach new prospects, while staying in constant communication with the people you currently serve.

Be sure to visit our services page for more details on what we can do for you.