About Us

Penny and Simon re-sizedAlthough we have pursued separate careers, our ability to work together has enabled us to raise two amazingly wonderful children, smoothly run a household, plan surprises for family members and friends and produce some pretty good dinners and parties.

Why should this matter to you?

When we combine our individual strengths and abilities, good things always seem to happen. And now, we can make good things happen for you!

By merging our separate and mutual expertise, we provide a variety of services that will make your clientele see you in a new and even more positive light.

Both of us have been writing as an integral part of our separate careers.

Penny has worked for both corporate and nonprofit organizations, which has given her the flexibility to take on many types of writing assignments, including web content, e-newsletters, blogs, travel writing, newspaper articles and press releases.

Simon has spent most of his career in the corporate world as a scientist and expert in human health risk assessment. His technical and computer skills make him a natural for writing precise and factual content, navigating the mechanics of building and updating websites and editing copy.