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You are a successful physician, veterinarian, dentist, therapist, attorney, accountant,  or other professional and you have an excellent client base. But there is something missing.

  • As a physician or veterinarian, you might see your patients once a year, unless they are sick.
  • Your dental patients only come to you for routine cleaning unless they are in pain or they are receiving a recommended treatment.
  • To many "therapy" is a dirty word, unless your client is in crisis.
  • If you are an attorney, you may only see a client once or twice and then that person may not even think to return to you when they really could use your expertise and services.
  •  Do you make your living as an accountant? Then you probably see your clients at tax time, but will they come back to seek your advice regarding other aspects of their business and/or personal finances.

Now, what if you could stay in touch with your clientele on a regular basis without taking time out from doing what you do best? We can help you turn your satisfied clients into raving fans who, in turn, will drive new clients to your door.

  • Don’t have a website? -- We can create one and manage it for you.
  • Do you love your current website design but you have to admit that the content is tired and outdated? -- Then let us rejuvenate it for you and continue to keep the content fresh and up-to-date.
  • Wish you could share timely information and sound advice with all your clients on a regular basis, but don't have the time to do it? -- We can make it happen by writing and distributing a regular e-newsletter.

It is a proven fact that the cost of retaining existing clients is far less than attracting new ones. The benefits of wooing your existing clientele are:

  • Building loyalty and retaining clients
  • Increased referrals
  • Encouragement of good habits and practices among the people you serve
  • Increase your already existing reputation as an expert in all aspects of your field

If you believe the old adage that “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush”, then we can help you make your current and future clients stay loyal to you for the long-haul.

Penny and Simon re-sizedOur names are Simon Lock and Penny Zibula. We are experienced writers and editors who love what we do. We want to use our passion and experience to add a new dimension to your business by positioning you to become a household name among the people who should matter most; the people you already know and serve.

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